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Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Alberobello, in Puglia, with its Trulli is one of the 51 Italian sites included by Unesco in the World Heritage List. Trulli are a unique example of ancient construction that survives and is still used today. Visiting the beautiful Alberobello is like taking a trip to a timeless country.

The Trulli, mainly present in the Valle d'Itria, located between the provinces of Brindisi, Bari and Taranto, are still used today as homes and constitute a brilliant and long-lived example of spontaneous architecture.

“The name derives from the late Greek τρούλος, or "dome" and indicates the ancient conical constructions in dry stone of prehistoric origin. The stone used for the buildings was obtained from the limestone rocks of the Murge plateau.”

Alberobello, a town in the Bari hinterland, undoubtedly represents the capital of the Trulli: the historic center is entirely made up of these particular pyramid-shaped buildings that make it unique in the world. According to some studies, the trulli of Alberobello date back to the mid-14th century; in fact, at the time it was common to tear down and rebuild ruined buildings, rather than repair them.


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