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Av Mediopadana Station

Reggio Emilia's Mediopadana HS station was designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava: a futuristic structure with a modern design, which adds value and prestige to the city. Let's go to discover it!

Together with the sail bridges that overlook the Autostrada del Sole and three other buildings, the Mediopadana high-speed station is part of the redevelopment project of the northern area of Reggio Emilia signed by Calatrava, which takes the name of "Le Vele".

“The station, inaugurated in 2013, was originally supposed to develop in the shape of a sail - just like the other structures - but later the architect modified the project, preferring a "wave" structure.”

It is a truly impactful construction, made up of a succession of steel portals that are repeated in staggered modules to give that particular waving effect. To get an idea of ​​the size of this structure, just think that it is almost 500 meters long, and its weight is one and a half times that of the Eiffel Tower!

Santiago Calatrava

Santiago Calatrava was born in 1951 near Valencia, he trained first as an architect at the local polytechnic, and then as a civil engineer at the ETH in Zurich, where he obtained a doctorate in 1981. In the same year, and also in the Swiss capital, he opened his studio professional, which is now also based in Doha and New York. In parallel with his training and his activity as a designer, he continues to nurture his passion for the visual arts, practicing painting and sculpture on a regular basis. Thus, the scientific precision of the technician is accompanied, in his best works, with the synthetic creativity of the artist.

AV Mediopadana station is spread over two levels built around the viaduct: the lower floor houses the ticket office, the tourist office and some shops; while the upper one, reachable by four panoramic lifts and escalators, the tracks and the platforms. The environmental aspect of the project is also noteworthy, which has a reduced impact thanks to the presence of numerous trees that cover the external side of the station up to the height of the tracks.


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