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Brioche and Granita

In Sicily the summer breakfast par excellence is “a granita câ brioscia”, that is, Sicilian granita and brioche, practically an inseparable combination. Not a simple habit, but a real institution that allows you to start the day with sweetness and freshness.

If you are on holiday in Sicily, you can't really help but taste it! Typical of Sicily, granita is a cold dessert made with a mixture of water, sugar and fruit that is frozen slowly, but never completely, and continuously mixed, to obtain a grainy and creamy consistency at the same time. A true delight that traditionally went with fresh and crunchy bread, over time replaced by the typical Sicilian 'brioscia', made with leavened egg dough and flavored with vanilla or citrus.

“A real protected brand: in Messina the coffee granita, served in the classic glass glass together with a hot brioche, has been included among the municipal denomination brands De.Co.”.

To make it recognizable are the soft "skin" with which it is covered and the particular shape, similar to that of a chignon: a hemispherical base surmounted by the so-called "tuppu" (from the French tupè: hair gathered at the nape). The brioche is served hot together with the granita, in which it can be soaked. As for the tastes of granita, there really is something for everyone and they also vary depending on the city in which it is tasted. Must try are undoubtedly lemon, almond, coffee, chocolate, but also pistachio, strawberry and black mulberry.

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