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Castel del Monte

Castel del Monte is one of the most magical places in Italy. Located 60 kilometers from Bari, more precisely in a hamlet of Andria, it was included in 1996 among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.⁠

Castel del Monte is not only a splendid example of medieval architecture, built with quartz and limestone, but it embodies magic and esotericism. Find out what lies behind the castle walls and how to visit this unique place.

“Very ancient building of the thirteenth century built by the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Frederick II, as well as one of the major symbolic places of Puglia. His birth officially takes place on January 29, 1240”

An ancient legend traces its origin to an inscription reported in an ancient temple. Here, according to tradition, there was a statue on whose head the following sentence was written: "My head is made of bronze but when the sun rises in May it will be golden". One day a Saracen solved the mystery and on the first day of May, at sunrise, he began to dig where the shadow of the statue fell, finding an ancient and rich treasure, with which the castle was built.

Octagon and guide tours

The castle is built directly on a rocky bank, outcropping in many points, and is universally known for its octagonal shape. Eight towers of the same shape are grafted onto each of the eight corners in the local limestone curtain walls, marked by a string course, eight mullioned windows open on the lower floor, seven mullioned windows and a single mullioned window, facing Andria, in the upper one.

The castle is o pen to the public throughout the year: from October to the end of March it can be visited from 9 to 18.30, while from April to the end of September the opening hours are 10.45 - 19.45. The ticket gives access to the visit of the entire castle and can be purchased directly at the ticket office or online for a small supplement. The full ticket price is 10 euros and the reduced fare is 3.50 euros. Guided tours or audio guides are also available.

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