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Cilento's National park

Cilento’s National park, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, was established in 1991; it has an extension of more than 180 hectares and nowadays, it is the widest Italian park.

It is delimited by Basilicata, the Sele plain and the Tyrrhenian sea on the western side, it includes 8 alpine communities and 80 municipalities. The park offers also numerous ancient paths and represents an important hub for the national excursion net along the Southern Appennines.

“It has become part of UNESCO’S Heritage of Humanity (together with the archaeological sites of Paestum, Velia and the Charterhouse of Padula), biosphere reserve and it is the first Italian park to become a geopark, since there is the so called “Vallo della Lucania”.

There is not a uniform territory and it possible to find an alternation of environments, which have remained unaltered by the cities’ development, and others which have been deeply modified by the increasing population rates and urban development. There are also coastal and mountain areas, rivers, forests, cliffs and pastures. The orographic profile is strongly marked, with flat areas in the vicinities of the main rivers (Alento and Tanagro). Other rivers, such as Mingardo, Bussento and Calore, which hosts in its upper part the “Gole”, have a torrential character. The most important peaks are Cervati (1898 m), Alburni (1742 m) and Gelbison, also called Sacred Mountain.

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