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Corte Calzaiuoli

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Corte Calzaiuoli is the new concept of charme and elegance residence in the heart of Firenze, in Via dei Calzaiuoli. It overlooks between Piazza del Duomo and Piazza della Signoria and is a few steps from the Ponte Vecchio.

Eleven very refined rooms and suites in an imposing building, completely restored, which in history belonged to the De 'Macci family. Via dei Calzaiuoli is full of characteristic details of Florentine Renaissance architecture that blend with the modernity of the boutiques of prestigious Italian and international fashion brands.

“Our desire is to pamper you early in the morning. You can sit in our Lounge Room to enjoy a rich breakfast and thus begin to discover all the comforts with the privilege of staying in the historic center."

In the welcoming Lounge Room overlooking the historic Church of Orsanmichele, the guests can savor a rich breakfast with high quality products and a particular attention to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. A special sanitization of each surface is added to traditional cleaning, performed daily with hospital-surgical products, to offer the maximum guarantee.

The washing and disinfection of linen are certified. The rooms, in addition to the normal system that produces cold or hot air depending on the season, have an air recirculation system that extracts it and reintroduces it sanitized, effectively keeping the air filtered and renewed.

Firenze and the Giotto's bell tower

A city that has kept its charm and the splendor of the past unaltered. This is how Florence, the capital of Tuscany, presents itself. An enchanting city that never ceases to surprise, with its masterpieces of art, the colored marbles of the churches and the architecture that evoke its splendor and the role it played in the development of Renaissance art and culture.

The Bell Tower is emblematic of the city of Florence. Looming over the Duomo at nearly 280 feet, the free-standing tower is considered the most eloquent example of 14th-century Gothic architecture in the city, one that happens to be visible from every vantage point.

The views from the top are truly breathtaking; after 414 steps, at the top of Giotto's Tower, a wonderful panoramic view of the city and surrounding hills awaits you, not to mention the unique perspective from which you can admire the Cathedral itself and Brunelleschi's Dome.

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