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Updated: Nov 8, 2022

At the bottom of a basin dominated by the Mont Blanc chain, stands Courmayeur (1,224 m) with the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie ski area. The slopes wind their way up two sides: Val Veny on one side, Plan Chécrouit on the other, to arrive at the 2,750 m Cresta d’Arp.

An important ski tourism draw the world over, Courmayeur, in Valle d'Aosta, is known for both its beauty and hospitality. This ancient village weaves that authentic Alpine atmosphere into its entire being: the visitor can feel it whether walking through its main streets – such as the central Via Roma – or getting lost in its most hidden corners. The area can be reached by two cableways, located respectively in the main town (funivia Courmayeur) and in Entrèves (funivia Val Veny) and a cable car that leaves from the hamlet of Dolonne (telecabina Dolonne).

“One of the historic capitals of mountaineering and mountain hiking. A favourite winter destination for lovers of skiing and winter sports”

Courmayeur stands at the 4,016 feet-marker of Mont Blanc, within a verdant basin surrounded by firs, spruces and larches, and of course mountain peaks, glaciers and other gorgeous and traditional towns along the Dora Baltea River that traverses the entirety of Valle d'Aosta. Over 70% of the ski area is covered with artificial snow, ensuring quality snow on all the slopes. For free-ride enthusiasts, there are fabulous off-piste itineraries with views of Mont Blanc in the upper part of the ski area.

The welcome that locals give to their visitors and their care for and attention to the details are evident in the numerous lodging structures – from luxury hotels to typical Alpine baitas, from the historic cafes in the town center to the mountain huts in the vicinity of the slopes.


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