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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The Demetra B&B is located in the historic center of Lecce, in the heart of the Lecce Baroque, a few steps from the splendid Basilica of Santa Croce as well as from the main monuments and historic buildings.

The building overlooks the Piazzetta Chiesa Greca, a space that in recent years has changed due to the dimension of beauty, where Lecce stone and art in harmony, creating a unique atmosphere, especially in the evening.

“The B&B is a reference point for participants in the most prestigious conferences and artistic events held in Lecce.”

Lecce stone walls, beautiful vaults above the head, niches with antique furniture and the possibility of living as in a baroque dream. The property has apartments with terrace on the floor overlooking the square where you can enjoy the view of the roofs and have lunch or dinner in peace as the square is closed to traffic.

Santa Croce

Always considered an hinge between the Renaissance and the Baroque, the spectacular church of Santa Croce in Lecce, from the inside with three naves, is the most representative expression of the Lecce Baroque, especially for the decorative richness of the facade.

The whole facade (which you will find almost impossible to photograph) is a triumph of decorations, bas-reliefs and sculptures and the rose window stands out for its richness and beauty. Equally rich is the Latin cross interior: along the naves there are seven deep chapels on each side and a total of sixteen Baroque altars can be admired.

Walking in the historic center of Lecce, among the characteristic narrow streets with timeless charm, one cannot fail to be fascinated by being in front of this wonderful Basilica and its facade, adjacent to the Palazzo dei Celestini, seat of the Province of Lecce. Today the basilica is entrusted to the Archconfraternity of the Holy Trinity.


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