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Dressed in gold like a king who lets himself be admired in all its splendor by his subjects, the gianduiotto (or also giandujotto) is one of the symbols of the finest Turin confectionery art. Hard only in appearance, as soon as put in the mouth reveals its soft and greedy heart.

The giandojòt (as it's called in Piemontese), with its unmistakable shape of an overturned boat, is made from a type of chocolate called gianduia.

Gianduia or gianduja is a type of chocolate mixture born in Turin in 1806. Its creation is attributed to the ingenious Turin chocolatiers who, during the economic blockade ordered by Napoleon for the products of the British industry and its colonies, replaced the 'now very expensive cocoa with Langhe round gentle hazelnut (cheaper and easier to find). This is how this delicious mixture was born.

“The small gold nugget of Caffarel was presented to the public during the carnival celebrations of 1865 by the Turin mask Gianduja who distributed this new Turin delicacy made with cocoa, roasted and ground hazelnuts, cocoa butter and sugar on the streets of the city”.

From this episode and from the Gianduia mask, the delicious chocolates have taken the name of gianduiotti. The success was immediate and such that this chocolate became one of the traditional delights of Turin's gastronomy.

The first chocolate to be individually wrapped, the gianduiotto was produced for the first time by the famous Turin confectionery company Caffarel, one of the oldest Italian confectionery companies. In his Borgo San Donato factory, the entrepreneur Paul Caffarel devised a machine capable of producing the first chocolate. The mixture of the time was made up of cocoa, water, sugar and vanilla. Twenty years later it was the chocolatier Michele Prochet, in partnership with Caffarel, who perfected the recipe for gianduiotto, at the time called "givu", by adding toasted and finely ground hazelnuts.

Since then, millions of industrial and artisanal gianduiotti have been produced every year, tasted in Italy and beyond. A sweetness and a unique flavor that has traveled the world from Turin.


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