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Il mio gelso

In Villanova d'Asti, in Monferrato Hills, between Langhe and Roero, declared UNESCO's world heritage, lies the B&B Il Mio Gelso. From here you can easily arrive at nice villages where you can find local traditions, cities rich in art, romanesque churches, and small familiar restaurants with traditional flavours.

Due to the proximity to the railway station and the highway, you will be able to reach in a short time the most famous destinations as Torino, Asti, Alba or Barolo and you will delight your taste with the wine tasting in Monferrato and Langhe wine cellars, you will lose yourself in the nature with walkings and bike tours or discover popular festivals as Festival delle Sagre or Douja d'Or and many other events.

“Sometimes it happens I look behind me and I smile. I have travelled around the world but I always come back here, in Villanova d'Asti. I have been to many different countries for my job and I always found hospitality, smiles, partnerships, interesting sites to visit and appreciate. Now it's my turn. I want to give back to the world what the world gave to me. And I want to do it precisely here, where I left from. A place where the past, the present and the future dance in harmony. Where you can relax even only for a while under the ultra centennial mulberry tree where my grandfather used to tell me tales when I was a child. Where everyone can freely choose. In any case, you will be welcome here."

Scilla (B&B owner)

To make you feel at home you will be welcomed in the language you feel more at ease with as English, French, Spanish, and German. In the morning you will be surprised with a breakfast with local products and in the evening you will be able to taste excellent piedmontese wines enjoying the sunset. You can choose between two lovely bedrooms La Vija and Le Masche. Both are wide, comfortable and with a private bathroom.


Imagine walking on a beautiful day, among paths that run through gentle hills, in the middle of the vineyards, or among woods and villages rich in history and traditions. All this is Monferrato, region of Piedmont between the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, famous all over the world for its landscapes and its food and wine products. Here are produced among the best wines of Italy, to be enjoyed together with typical dishes, mushrooms, hazelnuts, cheeses and truffles.

Thanks to its particular shape of the land and the continental climate, the Monferrato is a real paradise for wine lovers. It is difficult to define for non-experts a geography of the wines produced here, almost all DOC. The Monferrato is also known for the presence of castles dominating many villages. There is a path that starts from Ovada and touches eleven other municipalities, each with its castle. Visiting the Monferrato is a wonderful experience that satisfies all the senses.


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