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Locanda Alfieri

The welcoming starts in via Duomo of Termoli, the street that often becomes the hotel’s hall, dividing the ancient seaside town in two, one side overlooking the harbour and the other contemplating the beach. Park your car, and forget about it!

During your stay the old fishermen’s houses will become your home and you inhabitants of the town. You will be welcomed by finely renovated accommodation which still preserves the historical structure of the building and is equipped with all the comfort you will ever need. Each room has its own distinctive features and uniqueness.

“A innovative bed & breakfast concept, highly eco-friendly and Made in Italy. To reassess antique villages, old historical dwellings are being restored to preserve their authenticity. This reduces the new urbanisation/concreting and brings back places that could have risked being neglected and unattended back to life.”

With this strategic and more ecologic way of development we reuse and promote the land without creating a negative environmental impact. It recreates an existing network, stimulating local initiatives that turn into unique experiences for the guests. The albergo spreads in the town, with rooms streaming down the alleys which all connect to one central building where the Locanda’s reception is traditionally settled.


Molise is one of the many regions of Italy that hide wonderful places that seem to come out of a postcard: one of these is Termoli. Rich in history and events, Termoli overlooks the Adriatic Sea and is one of the most inhabited cities in the whole region.

The historic heart of the city is located on a promontory overlooking the sea, surrounded by defensive walls and watchtowers to protect it in the event of attacks from the sea. Walking through the alleys inside the beautiful and colorful village, you come across the imposing Castello Svevo and Piazza del Duomo, a pearl of architecture.


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