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Olio evo

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The Italian olive harvest takes place in autumn / winter and usually starts in October and ends at the end of December. To harvest the olives at the right time it takes experience and knowledge because the olives must reach a specific level of ripeness.

The olives intended for pressing for oil production must be harvested when they begin to change color and from green takes on a purplish and black color for a total of 50-60%. This color transformation is called "veraison".

“The olive fruit can be used not only for oil but also as it is after specific treatments which can be the use of sodium hydroxide or brine. Olives can be eaten both green and ripe with a black color. According to the type of destination of the product, olive trees are divided into two groups, those that give table olives and those that are used for the production of oil.”

Respecting this precise moment or period in the olive harvest is essential because the oil will have a real explosion of polyphenols or phenolic substances that make the oil a real gold mine for health with beneficial properties and extraordinary organoleptic characteristics.

The olive tree is a plant that is strongly and closely linked to its place of origin, since over the centuries it has developed very strong adaptability. And it is also for this reason that continuing to enhance the original, ancient crops in their environment is the only strategy for their protection.

In addition, in this way the individual peculiarities of each cultivar and the various typical features of Italian extra virgin olive oil, which boasts dozens of DOP and IGP products, are highlighted.


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