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Saline dello Stagnone

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

White dunes, stretches of water and mills characterize a corner of Sicily that cannot be missing from the list of things to see. In the stretch of road that goes from Trapani to Marsala, the Saline dello Stagnone are a feast for the eyes: a palette of colors that varies according to the position of the sun.

The Marsala salt pans are located within the Stagnone Islands Oriented Nature Reserve which extends into the stretch of sea between Capo San Teodoro and Capo Boeo or Lilibeo and includes four islands: Mozia, Isola Grande, Schola and Santa Maria. The Stagnone lagoon is also part of the Reserve, which over the centuries has become a suitable environment for the production and cultivation of salt.

“Since 1984 the Lagoon has been an Oriented Nature Reserve. To visit the Saline park you can choose between two sides: the east side where you will find the mill and the Ettore and Infersa salt pans while on the west side there is Isola Lunga.”

The Laguna dello Stagnone is the largest in Sicily formed by the effect of underwater currents and sand movements; thus the Isola Grande was born, which closed off a part of the sea causing the stagnation of the water: the perfect environment for processing the water.

It is said that from here, along the salt road, you can see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, so beautiful that it seems painted by the skilful hand of an artist.


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