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Stintino pearl of the Mediterranean sea

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Lying in the extreme north-western edge of Sardinia, Stintino reaches out towards Asinara, almost touching it. Right there, where he touches it, he shows his masterpiece: La Pelosa

La Pelosa: clear and very low seabed for tens of meters, white and impalpable sand, dazzling and placid sea with all shades of blue. Tropical paradise in the Mediterranean: one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe extends into the extreme north-western tip of Sardinia, in the Gulf of Asinara.

“In the beginning Stintino was a fishing village, very similar to Cala d'Oliva sull'Asinara, the village of origin of the 45 Ligurian families, who founded it in 1885, when the Kingdom of Italy settled on the lazaretto island and penal colony, evicting the inhabitants.”

At the beginning of the twentieth century the village was the destination of illustrious Sassari families, such as Berlinguer and Segni, in the 1960s the boom: a myriad of tourist residences and hotels arose on the coast. The town, inhabited in winter by a thousand and 600 residents, in summer is populated by tens of thousands of tourists.

In Sardinia as in the Caribbean

Turquoise, pale blue, clear and calm waters. And then the white and soft sand like talcum powder. When you arrive in Stintino it seems to have landed on some distant and exotic island in the Caribbean.

For those wishing to practice water sports it is possible to do kite surfing, wind surfing, diving in the waters in front of the Pelosa or the beach of the Saline. On the promontory of Capo Falcone you can follow trekking paths, including sporting ones, and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the hill where the Torre Falcone is located, built in 1557 to defend the Saracen invasions.


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