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The Cala of Palermo

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

“La Cala di Palermo is a small cove located in the heart of the city, with a characteristic

U-shape. It hosts dozens of small and medium-sized boats every day, as well as several lounge bars that have made it a very welcome evening meeting for Palermo people”

Over the course of its long history, the city of Palermo has seen many rulers trample its lands proudly declaring themselves its masters. And with each domination it was given different names, in an attempt to define its greatness.

Pànhormos, from the Greek Pan (all) and Hòrmos (port), remains the one who, more than the others, has been able to grasp the nature of this “All-Port” city. And the Cala di Palermo has become its symbol, a silent witness to its vicissitudes, for better or for worse.

The Phoenicians were the first to exploit this natural inlet (originally much more extended towards the hinterland) into which the Kemonia and Papireto rivers flowed, these rivers now, due to the expansion of the historic center, have an underground bed and in post -bwarts have been diverted a long way.

Castle of palermo

On the western tip of the Cala stands what remains of the ancient sea castle of Palermo. Favorite seat of Emperor Frederick II during his stays in Palermo, the Castrum Inferior was probably built around the twelfth century as a sentinel of the city.

This sea fortress saw countless battles alternating around and within its walls, as well as the seat of important nobles and kings.

The archaeological area currently present has been cared for over the years, in an attempt to restore luster to one of the most important relics of the city, torn apart by countless sufferings. Today it has become the venue for demonstrations and events, gathering within its walls, those in search of a special bond with the splendid sea of Palermo.


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