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The smell of real evo oil

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Olio evo therefore stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is the abbreviated name that is now used for convenience and custom. The acronym, EVO, was coined by Massimo Epifani, an agronomist and one of the first technical experts in extra virgin olive oils.

Evo oil is obtained by pressing only healthy olives, those that have never touched the ground. And I'll tell you more: its processing is done solely with mechanical supports without the addition of additives. In practice, the olives are not subjected to chemical treatments. The degree of acidity of the oil must not exceed 0.8%.

“Since the end of 2018, the American government body that deals with food and medicine ("Food and drug administration", FDA) has changed its definition of extra virgin olive oil.”

The extra virgin olive oil is 99% rich in lipids formed by triglycerides which in turn are made up of fatty acids. Then there is the family of polyphenols, antioxidants that fight free radicals by delaying cellular aging.

Best evo come from south of Italy

There is no strip of the peninsula that does not host olive groves. In particular, there are three leading Regions that represent 80% of Italian oil production: Puglia in first place, Calabria and Sicily. These areas give birth to extra virgin olive oil with different shades and tastes. It all depends on the cultivars, or rather the olive varieties. In Italy there are 538 of them which constitute 42% of the world heritage.


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