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The tunny-fishing of Scopello

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The tonnara of Scopello is a unique place. Here sea and history meet in an overwhelming beauty. Its origin is very ancient, it was built in the thirteenth.

It was enlarged and modified several times over the centuries reaching its maximum splendor and importance under the Florio family. After 1962 the catch continued to decline due to the scarce presence of tuna throughout the Mediterranean. In the 80s, after the last slaughter, the trap was used exclusively for biological experiments.

“The last stop of Ulysses before returning to Ithaca ... Get lost, and then find yourself in this charming and ancient 17th century village overlooking a dream bay!”

Set in a bay of incomparable beauty, protected by two medieval towers that watch from above, sheltered from the sea by two imposing and luxuriant stacks, stands the Tonnara di Scopello. It is a Monumental Complex that faithfully represents the ancient history of the Sicilian sea and its traditions.

Excursions and diving center

Inside the Tonnara there is a diving center that organizes diving and excursions by rubber dinghy. If you wish, it will also be possible to take a guided tour inside the tonnara to learn more about the value that this place holds, its history and the sacrifice of the men who practiced tuna fishing "in the old way".

Today it is a natural museum overlooking the crystal clear water, historical testimony of that economy which for centuries has represented one of the main sources of income of the local people, still preserving intact today, all the equipment and tools used for fishing the tuna.

Within the complex, conceived as an ancient fishing village, there are 14 residential units immersed in nature, which are located respecting their original history. It is the ideal place for those who want to get away from the daily rhythms and immerse themselves in an incredible atmosphere made of history and wonderful nature.


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