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Birkin Marina

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Located in the center of Cagliari, facing the harbor and in the namesake lively district, Birkin Marina welcomes you amidst its modern style and its vibrant Sardinia inspired colours, capable of making you feel welcome and relaxed.

The seafront view and the neighborhood make its setting unique, especially for those looking for an active stay, to discover the sights hidden behind every corner, the most renowned shopping venues and the typical restaurants serving local delicacies just a step away from the sea.

“Breakfast at Birkin Marina is a true experience. A moment of pure relaxation and flavour, with every specialty from rich breakfast buffet. All foods are carefully examined and selected from local suppliers to cater a healthy and tasty meal for everyone. Beyond genuine alternatives suitable for all the guests with special dietary needs.”

The Birkin Marina is a guesthouse that stands out in Cagliari for its tasteful decor, upstanding service and care, as if it was an all-round Boutique Hotel. The number of available rooms is limited, to be able to offer a higher standard of service to each one of the guests, as well as to provide spaces large enough for a truly comfortable experience. Design and furnishings change from room to room, so that every stay can be a new surprising experience


Founded by the Phoenicians, occupied by the Carthaginians and the Romans, disputed by the Spaniards, long managed by the Piedmontese, it carefully preserves the signs of all its dominations to be admired in the palaces, churches and its rich artistic testimonies. Built on seven hills like Rome, Cagliari best describes the charm of a millenary history enclosed between the blue of the sea and the white limestone rocks.

Here the past merges with a lively present: traditional markets, trattorias, artisan shops and noisy streets make it a city that is always cheerful and vibrant. Relaxation and discovery are close at hand: the wonderful beaches, green parks and lagoon areas will make you fall in love with Cagliari at first sight.

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