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Campari Soda

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The single-serving aperitif with its characteristic cone-shaped bottle, is made up of a blend of two ingredients, Campari and Seltz, and was the first ready-to-use pre-mix in history (it was born in 1932).

Camparisoda was born from the need to meet the tastes of all consumers who drink Bitter Campari at the bar with a splash of soda water. Just as design objects are designed for daily use and must respond to the need for simplicity and accessibility, the Camparisoda bottle was conceived to offer all customers in Italy the opportunity to consume an impeccable aperitif that is the same everywhere. In this sense, Camparisoda is a design icon in its truest essence.

“Just think that even the futurist Fotunato Depero was bothered to design his unmistakable bottle, who gave it that overturned goblet shape that has become very famous.”

The novelty of the packaging and its origins The bottle, as it was called, has the shape of an overturned goblet. The conception of the bottle is due to Fortunato Depero, who thanks to this new product has the opportunity to create his most significant work for the Milanese company. The conical shape has been distinctive of Depero's work for Campari since the mid-1920s. The artist drew it in a sketch in 1925, "Puppet drinking Campari Soda".

The Campari Soda to which the title refers is naturally the one prepared by the bartenders and not the product that will hit the market seven years later. A puppet sips an aperitif from a bottle that seems to have exactly the features of the Camparisoda bottle. In 1926 the sketch will become a wooden model painted in white and again in 1926 a poster made with the collage technique of colored paper.

The distinctive features of the bottle: the shape, the color, the material represent elements of break with the conventions of the traditional advertising forms of the time. The bottle is immediately an innovative element in itself, which opens up new horizons of sales strategies, the Camparisoda product is part of the new Davide Campari company line.


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