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Europe champions 2020

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

The Italian national football team brought the European title back to Italy after 53 years. With determination, tenacity, joy and sportsmanship we have shown that we are a great team!

Italian flag on the balcony – © Thiago Tavares

Mancini's team defeat bad luck and the fear of not making it and overturn England, who took the lead after only two minutes. A country celebrating a victory expected since 1968.

“We were good, we conceded the goal immediately but slowly we took the game. The guys were great. This victory is important for all the people, for all the fans. I hope they are celebrating in Italy. Now we are really happy”

The cry of the Italians. The penalties. One hundred and twenty minutes after, the singing of the Italians. In that embrace full of tears between the coach Mancini and the head of the delegation Vialli there is everything the passion of an entire nation. The tension, the strength, the fear of losing the finish line a few meters away. Donnarumma the extra man.

It's coming home

"It's coming home" is actually called Three Lions, and was written by David Baddiel and Frank Skinner to music by Lightning Seeds and Ian Broude and was born in '96, when football "came home" because England got back the organization of a big competition after the success in the home World Cup in '66.

For Italy, on the other hand, happiness broke out and "It's coming Home" was immediately transformed into "It's coming to Rome" A tune sung by the Azzurri immediately after the success at these European 2020 Championships.

A national redemption also from this long period of pandemic, so that when captain Giorgio Chiellini raises the Cup, an entire nation gets up not only ideally.


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