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Porta di Castro

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The B&B Porta di Castro is located in the old historical neighborhood of “Ballarò”. This strategical area is perfect for whoever wants to live a full-immersion experience in the real spirit of Palermo. Among the most beautiful attractions so close to, there are the Market of Ballarò and the Royal Palace of Normans.

What we suggest is to take your time to enjoy a walk through Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda (15 min from our B&B) to visit ancient sites like San Giovanni degli Eremiti, the Cathedral of Palermo, Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, Palazzo Pretorio, to name a few.

“B&B Porta di Castro is the best choice for those who are looking an accomodation nearby Corso Calatafimi, the Civico Hospital as well, the University campus and the military base “Caserma Tukory”.

Palermo is a dinamic and cultural-oriented city. We invite you to discover all the major folkoristic events our city can offer you in the most genuine and truthful way as we Sicilian are used to. Everyone will feel welcome here, no matter if you travelling for work or you are on a leisure trip. Do not forget that your pets are welcome as well! It will be easy to find us: being 5 minutes far from Piazza Indipendenza, our B&B is well connected thanks to the metropolitan station “Orleans- Palazzo Reale”. Also 15 minutes far from the Central Station of Palermo.”


Palermo is a city rich in history, culture and good food: an unexpected surprise!

Is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe: among the streets of its historic center you will discover the most incredible places. First of all, we need to debunk the many clichés rooted in the imagination: the mafia, backwardness and crime. Palermo is a modern, multi-ethnic city and one of the safest in the world.

For those who want to explore, get ready for big surprises: streets and alleys of the old city open onto monuments and splendid churches ranging from the Norman period to the magnificent Sicilian Baroque. And then, a few kilometers from the city, delightful characteristic places await visitors who want sun and sea. All this within a multi-ethnic setting that colors the streets and historic markets where you can enjoy the most original street food.


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